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Oh Wow ! I liked it a lot but it was a bit short. I think it was pretty funny and rhythmic. 4 stars BROTHRRR.

(im new on this platform :3)

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Pretty good !

I'd say that almost everything in this game is perfect. The best thing about your game is that it makes people understand how Television is telling things that can influence the viewer and simply modify is vision on society. A little thing to modify for the game is the mesh you used for the weapons. They are simple images and I know you could've done something about it like a drawing instead. Again, pretty good game !

-Cédric :)

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Pretty noice ! I like how we don't really know what they are saying at first but when listening closer, you hear a sh*t ton of f*cks. XD

The drops are good and are keeping the same theme while being non-repetitive and that's awesome !

Keep up teh gr8

and most importantly:f-MAKE GOOD CONTENT XD


djhoneyb responds:

XD the total amount of f*cks said tops over 200

thank youuuu

Rad !

All the samples are greatly used (even gabe) and the speed changes were unpredictably good !
I feel a big experimental feeling in this song, and everything you tested is pretty great !
So yeah, Great job there Fella !


DarkBlueFX responds:

Thanks for listening! I was unsure how people would react to the kind of abstract parts of this song, as I have gotten some polarized responses on it. The tempo changes and making the song 'off the gridlines' made for an interesting arrangement process. Glad to hear you appreciate it!

Really nice !

It was very cool. My favorite part was at 00:35 because it was very ''Swingy''. I heard about you before and I was not interested but now I like you a lot !




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